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Occupational Tax Certificates

The Doraville Occupational Tax Rate Guide is available here.

How do I apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate?

Occupational Tax Certificate Application Process

If you are a new business in the City of Doraville you are required to have a current occupational tax certificate in order to conduct business within city limits. Below are some items we recommend each new business should look into to ensure your business is in compliance with City Ordinances.

Step 1:

Before signing a lease we recommend that you make sure your business location is in the proper zoning district for your type of business. Please email your business address and dominant business activity to the Community Development Department for confirmation at (770-451-8745). This will help reduce applications denied due to improper zoning (Zoning Map).

Step 2:

If you are not a home-based business, we recommend that you verify whether or not your business will need a Certificate of Occupancy from the Community Development Department . They can be reached by calling 770-451-8745.

Step 3:

Once you consult with the Community Development Department , complete and submit all required forms and documentation to the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall to obtain your Occupational Tax Certificate. To acquire an occupational tax certificate, please follow the instructions below. The items listed below are needed for a complete occupational tax certificate application:

Items needed for an Occupational Tax Certificate application:
Completed Application
  • Completed Application
  • SAVE Affidavit (All applicants for any permit, certificate and/or license issued by the City of Doraville are required by State law to submit a SAVE Affidavit for each permit, certificate and/or license applied for.
  • Applicant’s photo identification (for U.S. citizens: Georgia Drivers License, Passport or Military ID, for Legal Permanent Residents: Georgia Driver’s License and either Permanent Resident Card or Employment Authorization Card)
  • Restaurants need a copy of the F.O.G. report (770-621-7272) and a copy of the Health Department Report (404-508-7900) are also required. (Grease Trap Installation requires a plumbing permit)
  • If you handle any type of packaged foods, you must obtain a report from the Department of Agriculture. You can contact them at (404) 363-7646.
  • Floor Plan with dimensions
  • Copy of Lease
  • Copies of Articles of Incorporation or if using your social security number for tax purposes a copy of your social security card.
  • $50.00 Determination of Appropriateness/Inspection fee. Contact the City Inspector for inspection information (770-451-8745).
  • $50.00 Occupational Tax Administrative Fee
  • $35.00 X # of employees or gross receipts multiplier whichever is higher

Once completed and submitted staff will forward to the Community Development Department for the scheduling of an inspection.

Occupational Tax Certificate Renewals

Occupational Tax Certificate applications submitted after June 30 are considered new. The following items are required to renew an existing Certificate:

  • RENEWAL Occupational Tax Certificate (OTC) Application (Application, Notice)
  • Copy of photo identification (see above)
  • Copy of lease agreement
  • Copy of State/ County License
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • $50 Occupational Tax administrative fee
  • $35 x # of employees or gross receipts mulitplier (whichever is greater)

Privilege Licensing

The following businesses either require an approved permit and/ or license prior to submitting an application for an Occupational Tax Certificate.  Consult the Forms & Applications page for further help:

  • Alcoholic Beverage (City Clerk’s Office)
  • Bonding Companies (Police Department)
  • Booting or Vehicle Immobolization (Police Department)
  • Escort Service (City Clerk’s Office)
  • Labor Pool Companies (City Clerk’s Office)
  • Massage Parlors (City Clerk’s Office)
  • Pawnshops (City Clerk’s Office)
  • Peddlers/ Hawkers (City Clerk’s Office)
  • Precious Metal Dealers (City Clerk’s Office)