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Sanitation Guidelines


Advanced Disposal Services (ADS) picks up City recycling on residential waste days. Recycling containers/bins must be left at the curb by 6:30 a.m. If you experience any issues with this service, are a new resident (Sanitation Application), or need a replacement container, please call Public Works at (470) 294-2486 or submit your request here.

It is not necessary to sort items. Please do not place items in plastic bags.

  • All aluminum items
  • All paper products
  • All plastic containers
  • Plastic bags
  • All cardboard items
  • Any Styrofoam product
  • Any item contaminated by food waste
  • All glass jars and bottles 
NOTE: Please use caution when recycling junk mail solicitations for pre-approved credit card applications, mortgages, or anything that has your personal identifiable information on it. It is recommended that you shred those types of items before discarding to avoid identity theft.


Garbage collection for the following streets will be TUESDAYS:
Oakcliff Estates, Aspen Woods, Barry, Beacon, Chicopee, Hickory Ln., Hickory Wood Ln., Homeland, Johnny’s Lane, Redwood, Pontiac, Tilly Mill (north of Mill Ct. ), Valley Stream, Van Fleet, Winters Chapel, and Woodwin

Garbage collection for the following streets will be WEDNESDAYS:
Northwoods, Carver Hills, Clay, Doral Ct., Doral Dr., Eula, Flowers, Harber Valley, Porter Glade, and Tilly Mill (Flowers to Mill Ct.)

For more information on sweeper, clamp truck and leaf/vacuum schedules, please see attached link for Sanitation Services.

If you’re a new resident (Sanitation Application) or need a replacement container, please call Public Works at (470) 294-2486 r submit your request here.


Date of Holiday Observance   Date of rescheduled pickup
New Year’s Day Next business day
Memorial Day Next business day
Independence Day Next business day
Labor Day Next business day
Thanksgiving Next business day
Christmas Next business day

Garbage/refuse and recyclable containers should be those provided by ADS.  All containers (waste, recycle, yard debris-provided by ADS and/or individual owners) should be placed in one location with only the materials to be picked up in its proximity.

All yard debris should be containerized in either bags, ADS provided or individually owned containers.  This includes all leaves, grass clippings, plant material, small limbs, vines, hedge trimmings, etc. that can be fully containerized.

Tree limbs/trees and large debris that will not fit in containers must be placed at curb in accordance with City Code Sec. 15-56; i.e. placed at curb in separate pile and all limbs/trees larger than 6 dbh must be cut into lengths not longer than 5 feet.

Trees, bushes, or other vegetation from commercial tree trimmers, landscapers or building contractors will not be picked up by the City.

Debris will not be picked up from vacant lots unless a sanitation tax is paid to the city.

The following items will not be picked up by the City: building materials; stumps; dirt; rocks; concrete products; automobile bodies and parts; tires; paint; oil and other liquids; and feces. Return used tires to the dealer.

During the fall (Oct – Jan) each year, leaves must be kept separated from other yard debris for pickup at curbside by leaf vacuum equipment. During the remainder of the year, leaves must be containerized (bagged/container) for pickup.  

You may transport normal home-generated refuse directly to DeKalb County Disposal Facilities. For locations, operating hours and acceptable items at these facilities, call 404-294-2900.

For hazardous waste disposal information, call the Georgia Environmental Health Office at 404-656-4713.