Spring will be coming soon, usually a time when homeowners begin working on new projects outdoors and around the home.

In a move to encourage beautification in our city’s neighborhoods, Mayor Pittman and the Doraville City Council have once again approved waiving specified permits often needed for residential
rehabilitation projects.A similar waiver was popular and met with great success when provided last year.

“From April 1 to June 1, Doraville residents will not have to pay a permit fee on specified projects, but will still have to get inspections and follow other normal protocols required with any type of home repair,” says City Manager Shawn Gillen.

The list of specified projects that qualify for the waiver includes: fence permit; patio covers; balcony or concrete patio; retaining wall; shed or storage building; swimming pool; trade permit—electronic, plumbing, or mechanical; tree service permit; residential driveway or parking pad; residential garage or carport building; deck; and structural roof repair.

If there are any follow-up inspections required, the first re-inspection fee will be waived as well, with any subsequent inspections done at normal charge. Hopefully, this will encourage the homeowner or contractor to get the job done right the first time and not have to come back to make additional changes requiring additional inspections.